If you have been invited to attend an interview then you will want to make sure that you give yourself every opportunity of securing the job offer and the salary/package that you want. This is only likely to happen if you prepare correctly and leave the interviewer with no doubt that you are the best person for the job.

Common reasons for interviews not going to plan:

  • Lack of preparation
  • Nerves / talking too quickly or too much
  • Poor interview technique
  • Personal presentation  / lack of eye contact  / nervous habits
  • Not researching the company / industry
  • Not asking good questions

121 Careers can give you the support you need to so you do not leave the interview with any regrets.

Mock interview over telephone/skype with professional feedback - £40.00                               This is a great way to practice and prepare, correct any bad interview habits and boost your confidence                      

 Interview preparation e-guide - £5.00                                                                                        This e-guide should be use as a checklist to ensure you have prepared thoroughly for your interview

Interview questions and answers - £5.00                                                                                      To help you prepare, we suggest you practice answering questions with a partner or friend so you are full of confidence on the big day. We will provide you with lots of questions you may be asked               ( including the tricky ones!) and examples on how you could formulate your answers

Psychometric test and report - £15.00                                                                                             You may be asked to complete a psychometric test during the interview process. Put simply, this involves answering numerous multiple choice questions to produce a character report. Unfortunately you cannot practice this but by completing a test during your preparation you will be able to use the report to back up your answers at interview

Face to Face mock interviews                                                                                                  
We video you during a 121 mock interview, review the footage and advise on areas you can improve: please email support@121careers.co.uk for more information and costs                                                                                                 

To place your order please email support@121careers.co.uk


E-mailed delivery of our interview support guides within 1 working day.



Free CV appraisals: send your CV to: support@121careers.co.uk

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