Simply tell us the geographical location and industry sector you are looking to target and we will provide you with a list of HR contacts within the desired companies.  This will enable you to make a speculative approach directly to companies, the benefits being much less competition for your CV to contend with and should the company wish to employ you they will save £1000’s by not having to pay recruitment fees. Often we find companies actually create new openings when a candidate applies with skills/experience that will benefit them.


With all our services you can choose to send your CV and Cover Letter to the HR contacts yourself, or you can choose the "assisted send" option. With this option we will send your CV and Cover Letter to each contact on an individual basis and make it appear that you have sent the email yourself. Most importantly, all email replies from companies will go directly back to you, leaving you in control of your job search. 


How many contacts do you want to send your CV to?

We will include the following: 

Company name and industry sector

HR contact name

HR contact telephone number

HR contact email address


Number of HR contacts                 HR Contacts                          Assisted send

30                                                           £25                                         £35

50                                                           £45                                         £55        

75                                                           £60                                         £70

100                                                         £75                                         £85


All contact lists are sent to you by email in excel or notepad format and if you choose the "assisted send" option we do not send your CV and cover letter until you have approved the list we have provided you.




To place your order please email support@121careers.co.uk


E-mailed delivery of HR contacts within 2 working days, assisted send completed within 3 working days.


Free CV appraisals: send your CV to: support@121careers.co.uk

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