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What is the best way for me to introduce myself?

When you make contact with a company, it will certainly be viewed favourably if you can show that you have viewed their website, and can highlight the reasons why you think you are a good fit for the company. If you are looking to make a great first impression make sure your Cover Letter doesn't let you down.  (See hard hitting Cover Letter templates available on our service page) 



Is my CV strong enough?

Your CV is by far the most important tool you will use during your job search. It needs to sell you and show the reader what you have to offer. Make sure your CV has a clear focus and targets the role you are applying for. Don't be modest. Highlight your key achievements, especially those that are relevant for the job you are targeting.


Eg. 1: If you are a Sales Manager

You might say: Managed a sales team

You could say: Recruited, trained and managed a highly effective team of 20 sales professionals achieving 130% of team target.


Eg. 2: If you are a customer service agent

You might say: Dealt with customer service enquiries

You could say: Managed all customer service enquiries successfully reducing complaints by 50% and cancellations by 25%


99% of the time it is best to have a two page CV. The first page is your impact page and will be the most read section of your CV so it is important to prioritise your "best selling points" and make sure they are included on this page.


We can provide you with a written review of your CV, with suggested improvements to make sure your CV is selling you to your maximum potential. Please see our Services page for more details.


Do I need more than one CV?

That depends. Make sure you focus your CV towards the job you are targeting. If your relevant experience for a particular job was further back in your career, you should write a skills based CV ensuring your impact page has the relevent skills and achievements. We can provide you with an example of a skills based CV. Please see our Services page.

How can I get the best results using my CV?

A strong CV will open the right doors for you and gain you interviews if it gains the right exposure. We would recommend you do the following:


Upload your CV on as many job boards as possible and update your CV on a weekly basis to ensure it remains in the most recent searches made by hirers and recruiters.


Ammend your CV to target job adverts you wish to apply for. Keep a record of where you are applying and chase up by telephone to ensure they received your CV and try to discuss the role in more detail with them. Remember, keep in touch with recruiters on a weekly basis so they do not forget you!


Send your CV directly to companies you wish to work for. There will far less competition and no recruitment fees involved, so your CV will be likely to receive more attention. Again, follow up your email with a phone call and make sure you have researched the company so that you are prepared. We can help you with this process, please see our Services page for more details.


Social media is playing a larger part in the recruitment process than ever before. Expect potential employers to look at your Facebook/LinkedIn profiles, so ensure the information you post will promote you in the best possible light. Upload your CV and ensure you have a professional profile. LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool with a huge number of potential employers waiting to hear from you, so dedicate time to this process. 


The more proactive you are with your CV the better but make sure you keep your CV and Cover Letter targeted and stay committed to conducting your background research.


How up to date are your HR contacts?

All of our contact details are updated at least every six months. If any contact we provide you is no longer working for the company, let us know and we will find you another TWO contacts to replace it.

How can you assist me sending my CV to so many companies?

If you have not got the time free to send your CV to so many companies, we will do the hard work for you. Using our dedicated software, we will make sure that it appears you have sent the CV yourself so that all responses go directly back to your inbox, leaving you in full control of your job search.


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