Professional help and support for you to conduct a proactive and successful job search



CVs have one job - to get you interviews

expert CV and cover letter help from just £35.00!



No need for you to wait to be found.....

100's of recruitment contacts from just £25.00



Who do you want to send your CV to?

100's of company contacts from just £45.00



1 to 1 interview support

mock interviews and feedback from just £35.00



Networking has moved.... online

Linked in profiles and support from just £35.00 



If you are looking to move your career forward, change career direction, or just change the view, then having a strong CV and accesss to useful contacts is essential.


Our consultants all have a minumum of ten years recruitment experience and are on hand to make your job search as productive as possible. We provide a logical and friendly approach to ensuring you receive value for money. We can help you with all the key elements you need to consider for your job search and aim to give you a competitive edge over other candidates in your field.

Bypass the competition

  • Send your CV and Cover Letter DIRECTLY to companies you wish to work for
  • Make contact with HR by post, email or telephone 
  • Contact names and telephone numbers are provided to follow up your application
  • Sell yourself to a potential employer, rather than relying on a recruiter to do it for you
  • No introduction fees for employers to pay to recruiters (often £1000's)

Save hours on research

  • Save endless hours of online multi media research
  • Save time and frustration calling companies for contact details
  • Spend the time you save focusing on additional job search channels eg. multi media presence and advert applications 
  • Talk to the companies you want to contact, rather than rely on recruiters to match-make for you

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